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This past week I just got around to finishing A Feast For Crows, and I was confused about the last "chapter."


Based on what he writes about splitting the book into two separate books and telling all the story for half the characters rather than half the story for all the characters, it sounds like the events of ADWD will basically take place in the same time frame of AFFC, i.e. the events in the two books happen simultaneously, just focusing on different characters. Is that the case, or am I not understanding this correctly?

If it is the case, then GODDAMMIT GEORGE RRRRRRRR MARTIN!!! I stuck with all of storylines even though LITERALLY NOTHING happened in the first half of the book. And now finally that shit is going down, that things are starting to connect with one another, that the storylines are finally paying off and getting interesting... you leave me with a bunch of major cliffhangers and make me go back to the beginning of this time frame again???

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