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This shall be an update on what I asked about last week.

Today I finally went to my apartment complex's gym. Holy crap it is nice, and it's awesome, and I feel like this right now:


That's me in the middle.

But I've got another question! Everything I've read says I shouldn't do this again tomorrow, but Saturday is a bad day for me to do another 90 minute workout. I will be working 9 to 5:30 that day (I have weird hours), and so I won't have much energy left when I get done at work. I might be able to do 30 min on the elliptical machine before I collapse and start crying.

So is it bad if I do the second part of my workout tomorrow? I wouldn't be doing the same exercises with the same machines and free weights I used today. I'd be doing lower body exercises tomorrow instead of major upper body work like I did today. Is it stupid to do that, like is this setting me up for spectacular failure or worse, injury? Or is it totally cool as long as I do something gentle and mild on Saturday and Sunday, like Pilates? Any advice will be appreciated and acted upon.

UPDATE: Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to do some more exercising tomorrow. Part of the reason today took 90 minutes was because I was deciding which machines to use, how much weight to put on them, etc. so that easily added about 20 minutes to the actual exercise. I did 10 min cardio warmup, five weight machines and one free weight exercise, and then 20 more min of cardio to finish. I'm thinking I'll do the same pattern again tomorrow, but with lower body instead of upper body machines. Now I know where they all are in my gym, too!

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