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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Question for anyone familiar with Google Apps

My mom has a blog through Blogger on Google, and she's going to lose her domain name because her credit card expired. I cannot log in to Google Admin to fix this, and now she's reporting a slightly different problem. I would so appreciate any help or maybe a repost to a Gizmodo forum if that's more appropriate. My mom is retired and kind of nutty so the blog is really important to her... Thanks guys.

"I have another e-mail from g-mail saying I will lose my domain name on July 10th if I don't update. However, when you click on the directions for the update of the credit card info, it says the server is not responding. Then, I go to Help, and I can't understand anything they're saying. There's no phone number, no e-mail, no way to get in touch with these people. I do not want to lose my blog again! What to do?"


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