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Question for everyone who has had a Mirena IUD removed...

How long after removing the IUD did it take to get your period again? Did you spot at all?

I had mine removed a couple weeks ago, and my OB gave me some baby-making drugs and said to start them on the 3rd day of my period... but I haven’t had my period yet. I suspect I’m being paranoid, but I feel like the assumption was I’d get a period right away?


Also... I got referred to this OB by my doctor, and I like her and all — well, as much as I can like a person I’ve met once — but I kind of blundered our first office visit because she was like a half hour late and I had been sitting without pants on forever and was just cold and uncomfortable and nervous about the IUD removal (it didn’t hurt, FYI). So I didn’t ask her about her opinion on midwives and birthing centers and episiotomies and all of the things I keep reading about... now I am nervous I’m stuck with an OB who thinks midwives are charlatan witch doctors because I didn’t bother to ask.

Basically, I am trying to get pregnant and don’t know what I’m doing.

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