My mother told her friend on the phone she was donating a bunch of long slips. My mother told her friend she could not believe how many she has.

Well my mother then said this. That she doubts many if any will sell since women tend not to wear long slips because they do not go with slacks..It makes sense this is true. Yet I notice women wearing slacks and skirts (not at same time). She also believes slips are going out of style. Her friend agreed. Are they?

Neither are sure what replaced slips.

Of course my mother had to relay to me what her friend said after she hung up.

So if anyone are up on fashion trends I think they want to know.

I do not know why my mother had to relay this part of their conversation to me. Actually most phone conversations she has I do not know why she relays it to me not just the words but often the backstory to the conversation.

Do this to you?