I read Pope Alexander’s very good series on the latest James novel and it leads me to this question. I read many years ago mystery writers tend to write novels where they view themselves as the detective trying to solve a mystery. That the writer creates a puzzle ie murder then envisions themselves via their character on how to solve it.

Romance writers tend to project their own views of love and relationships into their novels that it is someways an escape where love and romance is idealized.

Part of me is not totally certain this theory on writers is correct.

Now that brings us to EL James and in Pope Alexanders first paragraph its mentioned anal fisting. Maybe its me but that sounds very painful and has zero to do with romance. Reading more of this post and Pope’s previous. Does EL James fit into the catagory of the not “tend to”? I assume the category is romance novels. Although how I have no vlue.

Based on what’s been written about James novel it makes Anne Rice’s Exit To Eden brilliant.