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Question for foodies

Has anyone else discovered mini fruity jels? At least that was the name when they first came out but then someone realized that they were the perfect size to choke a baby so they were recalled and now have other names. Anyway, I buy them at the local Vietnamese supermarket - I have been buying and eating them for years. They are incredibly edible - I can be stuffed full and will eat 5 or 10 before I go to bed. I generally eat them standing over the sink because opening one will spray just a little bit of sweet, sweet liquid and everything soon get sticky. Plus they come in clear plastic containers that have handles on the lid so you can store stuff/things in the containers. I have never seen them anywhere else but then I don't actually think about them until I really need some and then run across the street and buy some. Oh god - I just ate 10 of them and want more,

The one sitting here on my computer taunting me says ASSORTED and yummy and han sujo foods. I think they are imported from Taiwan. This one is 'apple' so that means green jel with 3 chunks of solid floating. If I open it now, I will surely get sweet stuff on my laptop so - time to publish and go eat some more.


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