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Question for French speakers and/or lovers of Greek mythology

I'm reaching out for help for one of my students! Non-emergency...

One of my students is a native French speaker, who has only lived in the US since August. He is a 6th grader, so I guess he only had one year of English instruction in school in France. No judgement on that, just context. Of course, I teach in the one district in California that rarely has language learners, so we have very few resources on hand, and no formal ELL program in place. His parents take the attitude of "sink or swim" full immersion. Again, not bad, but considering I have only 3 years of high school Spanish and can only swear in French... Let's just say that I get a lot of funny looks when I use google translate to communicate with my student. He's making friends, and slowly learning English, but it's not an ideal situation.


This leads me to my new issue. My school has an awesome library and librarian, and she likes to buy lots of cool books, but I blew it. I totally forgot that the D'Aulaires mythology book is also written in French, and duh, we could have ordered a copy for the library, and while the rest of my kids are reading myths, so could my young Frenchman. That leads me to my question: anyone know of any Greek mythology resources written for kids, that also happen to be written in French? Please help! I'm hitting a wall.

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