Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi there you knitters!

Here’s the backstory: Earlier in the summer I realized you could buy super giant wool to make big chunky things out of. My bf loves to knit (he is awesome) and so when I first found this stuff I filed the information away for an x-mas present idea that I could get for him when the holidays roll around. However, he is insanely busy with work and it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down between now and then. At the moment he’s not even getting enough sleep, never mind finding time for knitting. So then I thought, maybe I could knit it for him? I mean, my knitting skills are very, very basic, but a blanket is a pretty straight-forward kind of thing, right? It’s big but you know, flat and square and stuff. I know he’d enjoy knitting it himself, but I think he’d appreciate a warm, comfy blanket made by me too and I have time for a project. Which leads me too the questions...


The Questions: Does any one have experience knitting with really big wool? Did you buy really big needles, or did you “arm knit”? Was it too tough for an amateur knitter? What kind of a thing did you make and how long did the project take you? Any other tips?

Thanks in advance!

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