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Question for higher ed peeps about financial aid...

So ex-Hopeful is trying to go to school. He was going to go to a 4 year uni but he wasn't accepted to the local one where he now lives. He didn't do so well in high school or on his SATs so I guess that's why he didn't get accepted. He was trying to see if he could get any kind of loans to go to the community college but he has bad credit and his parents won't co-sign with him. I am pretty sure scholarships would be hard to come by in most cases at this point.

Is there any possible way he can go to the community college without the loans? I also forgot to mention that he was looking for a job while he was still up here where I live but then he decided to stop looking once he moved back home. He um smokes a lot of pot and stopped (I think) but would definitely show up on a drug test. So, paying his way at the moment probably isn't likely. I am not seeing any visible options right now for him to go until he shows up clean on a drug test and gets a job and pays his way through, which probably wouldn't happen for a while.

Am I missing anything or is there no hope? I'd like to help but am not sure what do since I can't think of any way he could go.


He didn't ask for help but yeah I've been thinking about it.

Update: He said he filled out a FAFSA and that he made too much money last year to qualify for anything.

Update 2: I believe the lady at the community college fed him some bullshit about him not being able to qualify for any kind of loans and he said he is going to talk to someone else at the school. I told him unless he made like 100,000 dollars last year, it wasn't likely he won't get ANY help in any form. He's navigating this whole thing so hopefully he gets it worked out. I think I'm gonna have him update me because I'm getting concerned some people where he's at are not very helpful and may tell him wrong info. Thanks everyone!

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