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I have a question for you ladies, but first some backstory.

I have had my Mirena IUD for nearly two years. I asked my gyn lots of questions and felt very well-informed when making the decision for myself. I can't be on estrogen any longer, but I used to take my hormonal birth control continuously for no periods, which was wonderful. I asked about periods, because I know that with Mirena, women can often have them disappear again. How long would it take? What would it be like? And of course, since everyone is different, my gynecologist answered honestly that "depends on what your body feels like doing."

Boy was that the fucking truth!

I didn't get a period for a few months, but I DID start having natural hormone cycles again. I thought I was going insane. INSANE. I felt less nuts when one day I felt like I needed to eat all of the chocolate in the world. I do not like chocolate, but I needed it. Yes, a cliche of PMS, but it clued me in to my hormone cycle, and I started tracking it. A month or two later, I started having periods again. For about a year. It had been about ten years since I'd had my natural cycle, and waaaay back then, my cycle was closer to 21 days than 28, and that seemed to be the case even now.


In September, my period vanished again, but after a negative pregnancy test, I was like "whoo! IUD cured the menses!" and in October, it didn't come again! And I still haven't had it, but I know my hormones are still cycling, and I've lost track of when they do what. I feel like I have period cramps right now, but I don't know if it's that or some sort of indigestion (I think hormones because my breasts are sore?) and I feel as though I need to become aware of when my body does what, but I don't know how! Maybe I need to just mark down when I feel crampy and cranky again and go from there? Any ideas? Or any ideas about how to talk about this with my gynecologist? I see her on Monday, and I'm generally a stuttering idiot when I talk to her, so I have to write everything out, and I want to be able to ask smart questions.

Thanks, fellow uterus-havers!

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