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Question for Literature and History Enthusiasts

What are some of your favorite knightly and heroic tales?

Bonus: can you think of anybody who delivers a warning or message?

Somebody like Paul Revere, but more stealthy (ideally).

One of my regular Role Playing Games is set in the future after a plants-go-wild apocalypse. We’re settled in the pacific northwest in the ruins of a partially submerged city. The west side of the city is submerged skyscrapers, boats, and rope bridges. The east side of the city is dry land on what used to be a bluff. The east side is dominated by an old library called The Stacks.

The library is home to a bunch of berserker librarians who hoard books, but also promote literacy when they’re not going savage. The storage levels below the library are full of monsters and spores and some kind of evil psychic presence.

My character operates an old radio tower to deliver music and news to the region. She has access to the library and has her assistant read books out loud for story hour.

Another character is obsessed with becoming a knight. She requests knightly tales but also is into Robin Hood.


So, first of all, I could use a list of cool stories to play on the radio. Stories that are funny, exciting, generally the best of medieval knightly literature.

Also... my character is about to try to manipulate this aspiring knight into helping me out. Our librarians are about to retaliate against another settlement and I’m hoping to get out a warning without using the radio.


I’ll use Paul Revere if I have to, but if there was an actual knight who does something like that, it would be cool!

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