No disrespect to single/divorced parents of course. UPDATE: I appreciate everyone's input. Somehow the discussion got nothing but religious responses. While this is nice, I was would like non-religious examples as well.

In one of my classes, I was having a discussion with some people about growing up in a household by parents who hold different religious beliefs. This led to having parents with different views of discipline, expectations, etc., and a lot of them said their parents ended up divorcing because of it.

First off, any type of being coming from my loins is not in my foreseeable future and if and when I marry my boyfriend and if and when we decide to have children, I'm sure that different views will arise. For instance, I love studying religion and while not religious myself, ideally, I would like to for my hypothetical children to have knowledge as many as possible before making the decision on whether which one (if any) they want to follow (sounds easier in theory, I know.) My boyfriend? He's agnostic. He'll talk about it with me from a historical view but that's about it.

So, assuming that you did talk to your partner about children: how many you both want, where to raise them, how to raise them, what you're keeping from your upbringing and what you're throwing away, what do you do when shit happens? I'm reminded of Garden State when Zach Braff's character paralyzes his mother when he's younger (oops...spoiler!) and his dad puts him on Lithium to "mellow" him out (ok, so nothing that extreme but you know what I mean.)

If you and your partner are feeling strongly about opposite courses of action with your kid, how do/would you handle it?