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Question for mental health professionals or others who have successfully navigated therapy...

I've been seeing my current therapist for about 3 months now, and I really like her. I think we are definitely a good fit. However, I kind of feel like I am starting to stagnate a bit. In the past month and half, I've been focusing a lot on my relationship with my MiL, which has been strained at best, unhealthy at worst. This has been good, as she's helped me stick up for myself and navigate bringing up my grievances with my MiL. (Very difficult since, the first time I attempted, days later my MiL called telling my husband and me that I made her start cutting herself again. Great, right?)

Anyway, my question is this. I have a lot of other things, which I've mentioned really only in passing, that I'd like to start working on. These are the things that I actually need to be in therapy for (trauma related to sexual abuse, rape). One of the reasons I really like about her is that she hasn't pushed me too hard. In the past, that has resulted in me quitting because it became overwhelming for me. But I think I've kind of been using this to skirt working on issues that are scary and painful directly. I've been finding it hard to even broach those topics. Does anyone have any suggestions for making it easier to start talking about these things? One of the things that I feel weird about is that, while I want to start working on these things, I really clam up and find it hard to actually talk once the subject comes up. So that adds to my feelings of anxiety around bringing this up. I'll just feel stupid if I say, "hey, I want to start talking about X," and then I can't even say anything.


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