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We all know that we are slowly hemorrhaging commenters, and very few new commenters are finding us, because we are no longer on the Jezebel pulldown menu.

On Jezebel’s Saturday Night Social, I will often peruse the commenting history of likely looking candidates for GT, and if I like what I see, I’ll invite them over to take a look at GT, and may ask if they would like a comment linked, and I think we may have snared a couple of new commenters, or at least lurkers (Hi there; don’t be shy!).


So my question is this; what do you think about getting in at the very beginning of the SNS, say next Saturday, and posting a general invitation to the SNS crowd? Would that be too much possibly unwanted exposure for our little community?

To be clear; I won’t do this if the GT community and the mods think it’s a bad idea, and if I do do it, I’ll be very clear that we have guidelines about being a dick, etc., and it doesn’t have to be next week, if everyone would like time to chew on this.

ETA; perhaps it would be more appropriate for a mod to do this, which I would be fine with.

ETA THE SECOND; some commenters have apparently been invited to make posts in the last round of invitations, but have been unable to “accept”, so we may have a kinja function problem. I don’t know if the mods can help.


ETA THE THIRD REGARDING ETA THE SECOND; nasty woodland creature suggests that anybody who received in invitation to post and was unable to, try again to “accept”. I dunno if it will work. AND Celia contacted me by email; the mods are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it.

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