So one of my favorite professor's wife just had a baby. This is their first kid. I just found out that she had to go to the hospital this week with complications and she is just overall feeling really crappy. I am actually pretty good friends with this prof. I have had multiple classes with him and I often just hang out in his office hours and talk about inequality (he is a sociology professor).

I want to get her a little get well present. So what is a something I can buy her? What was something you would have wanted in this situation? It can't be too expensive because I am le broke, and all I can think of is like typical baby shower gifts. Any advice would be super appreciated.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the great suggestions. I had considered food but unfortunately by the time I got it to school, gave it to him, and he got it home it would be like 12 hours. It would spoil. I think I am probably going to go with a card, some nice lotion and warm fluffy socks. Thanks for all the great suggestions :)