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Question for people who apply to things . . like college

Hi all! I have a grad school application question/crisis/tragedy.

I'm applying to the London School of Economics as well as Fulbright Fellowship to finance my study. My senior essay advisor (I graduated a few years ago but we kept in touch) usually writes my recommendations and I asked him a couple of weeks ago, but I've gotten no response and now the deadline is a week away.

Do I:

a)email him again (we're two un-returned emails in)

b) beg another person who has written a letter for me before (but would be a less convincing recommender) to write one for me on a week's notice —- this choice is pretty shitty


c) pray (I don't think I believe in God)

Ugh, this is why I HATE asking for recommendations. I need three for the Fulbright and 2 for LSE so if he falls through at least I can still apply to the school itself, but ideally, I'd like to give the Fulbright a shot (even though it's seriously a shot in hell).

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