Later this week, we're going to be bringing home a new member of our family—a 1 year old St. Bernard. We've owned Saints before, and are familiar with the nature and caveats of the breed. I'm not sure how much of our experience will apply to this particular dog, however, as she has proportional dwarfism. She's basically going to look like a puppy forever. She's the same size now as our toy dogs, and unlikely to get any bigger.

Do any Team Dog members have experience caring for a dog with this type of dwarfism? I know it has a tendency to pop up in GSD lines. If so, what differences can we expect in energy level, dietary needs, and lifespan compared to a standard Saint? I tried googling to find out more information, but other than outlining possible health issues that go along with the condition (none of which she's presented with so far), and people squeeing over pictures of another dwarf Saint puppy, I unfortunately came up short. :/