I've been mulling over this for what feels like days and I think I finally figured out how to word it properly. Also please don't mainpage.

So, the argument is that vaccinations cause autism, yes? Alright. Let's, for funsies, say that's true. Just bear with me for a minute.

I'm 22. Everyone I know who is my age and older - everyone - got vaccinated. All of us. I don't know a single person who is my age or older who didn't receive all of their vaccines. Hell, look at people from my motherland (Belarus). They didn't just get needled, they got straight up shot in the arm! Have you seen those marks? Dayummm.

Now, if vaccines did in fact cause autism, wouldn't there be an inordinate amount of people in their 20s and older with autism? I mean, just sheer probability wise, wouldn't an insanely significant amount of people my age or above be on the spectrum? Because if vaccinations cause autism, they wouldn't all of a sudden start causing them now, right? They would have been causing them the whole time? So A LOT of people would be autistic since A LOT of people received vaccinations, yeah?

So...where are all these people? Are they...hiding? Is the *GASP* government hiding them away from society?!

Now, let's use some common sense. According to the CDC, the amount of ASD cases is going up. However, due to the anti-vax crowd, the amount of kids getting vaccinated is going down.


If vaccinations caused autism, and less kids were getting vaccinated, wouldn't the amount of kids with autism...decrease? That...is how causation works, correct?

But hey, what do I know. Oh, right! I know I don't have fucking polio or smallpox. Nor am I on the spectrum, oddly enough! I'll let you guys know if that Gardasil shot causes me to be. Kthnx.

Though if I get the measles, I'm gonna be really, really pissed.

Please don't mainpage because this isn't meant to be a hardcore scientific article that will actually get through to people. I'm just ranting, you all know that. I don't feel like actually arguing with anti-vaxxers. I'm too tired for that nonsense.