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Welcome To The Bitchery

A client of mine (I do her website) recently found her logo being used by other people who do the same kind of work that she does. She designed it and paid a designer to create a digital version of it, but I don’t know that she ever registered it with the copyright office. I’ve told her to start that immediately.

She sent polite letters to numerous people asking them to stop using her logo. She recently received a response from someone basically asking her to prove that she owns the copyright. IMO, the person being asked to stop using it needs to prove they DO have the rights to use the image, not that my client needs to prove it’s hers, but IANAL.

How does she prove it’s hers? Does she have to? Should she send a formal Cease and Desist Letter?


Any advice from copyright-knowledgable people out there? Thanks!

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