Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

If you had a graduate student again who you'd had before and didn't like, what could that student do to make you kind of like them? Would it be a terrible decision on the part of that student to try to actively discuss your... not liking... of them?

Through a series of unfortunate events (and some fortunate ones, full disclosure) I have a prof this semester who I've had before that I'm 99% doesn't like me on a personal level. It's sort of okay, cause not everyone likes everyone and hey, we can't all be BFFs. It's sort of NOT okay because this is slated to be one of my final five courses in my MFA. THE END IS NIGH. I can take no chances.


I do not want to annoy this person. I do not want to walk on pointy, pointy eggshells all semester either. Thoughts, hivemend?

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