I've started tearing out my giant tangle of a tomato plant, and I hope to plant seeds for fall greens by early next week. Is there anything I need to do about the soil in the garden bed? I'm worried the tomato plant, as big as it is, might have sucked out all of the nutrients from the soil. For what it's worth, when I first planted the garden in the spring, I added a few bags of Miracle-Gro (?) garden soil and some sand to the dirt that was already there. The garden sustained a few rows of greens for about three months, and then that that tomato tangle has been there since about July, so I'm concerned the soil might not be as fertile. Soil chemistry is probably my weakest area when it comes to gardening, so I'm kind of at a loss here. Thanks in advance.

ETA: I'm well aware of the benefits of composting, but I don't have a yard of my own (I live in an apartment). My garden is in a friend's yard.