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Question for those who know the Walking Dead comic/watch the show

Spoilers? Maybe? I guess? (Update: yes, definitely some minor spoilers)

So, the last two episodes of Walking Dead have included a new gang of gun-toting survivors (who may or may not actually have access to the key to the outbreak?) and among their numbers is a girl whose sole purpose is, thus far, to look good standing sort of hip-cocked in shorty-shorts and a midriff-baring shirt (there was literally just a close up of her butt/thigh-gap area as she bent over!) While I'm all for you doing you, and rocking whatever you choose to rock, her outfit is particularly non-functional and pristine in a world where everyone else is dirty and utilitarian. Thus, I can't help but feel like she is in the show for no other purpose than sex appeal. So, my question to the comic readers is, does she have an eventual purpose and role that I don't know about? And/or, for fellow watchers: do you have thoughts on said character? Although there have been moments (e.g. Maggie's black bra) where women have been portrayed as sexy in ways that may or may not fit authentically in a zombie-outbreak world, this is the first time it's really stood out to me as pure T&A, for the sole sake of T&A. And, frankly, I'm super annoyed by it. Am I missing something that can explain her character? I would really love to hear your thoughts.


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