Does anyone Uber with young kids? Or have friends who Uber with kids? Or do you just want to talk to me about Uber?

I’m trying to figure out if I can install my own carseat in an Uber. I’m not finding a straight answer anywhere online. The most I get is that some cities have UberFamily or something and you can request a car with a seat already installed for an extra $10. I definitely don’t want to pay an extra $10 since I can so easily install my own.

Also I read that in my city, vehicles for hire are exempt from using a carseat if the passenger doesn’t bring their own. I think? Everything that Google is bringing up for me is pretty outdated, by a year or more. (ETA: even if it’s true, I’d still definitely want to have a carseat)

I’ve never used Uber before but I’m thinking about starting so littleraptor can go to swim classes and whatnot.

Any Uber advice would be appreciated.