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Question for US non-DC area GTers (TW: racism, kidnapping)

As all DC area GTers probably know, there is currently a horrific missing persons case involving an eight year old girl named Relisha. It's depressing, it's heartbreaking, and in DC, it's everywhere. Bus shelters have her picture flashing where normally there are video ads. The Post keeps covering it in the Post Local. She's leading the news.

I am not a native DCer. I'm from a tiny ass island off the coast of Massachusetts, where we don't have missing people (except those lost at sea. Seriously). For all I know, this kind of thing is happening constantly, and all cities have these kinds of stories flashing all the time (though in my 3+ years in DC, this is the first I've seen).


Are the rest of you hearing about this? Is this one of those kinds of cases where if she was a little blonde girl, Nancy Grace would be screaming about it every night? (I never watch Nancy Grace because she's an embarrassment to the legal profession, so if she's already screaming about it, I have no idea). Are we coming around as a country where all missing children are worried about, not just little blonde beauty queens? Or is it just because this is a local story that it's everywhere? I just don't know. And I can't stop thinking about this poor little girl, and I get exponentially more horrified thinking that this might be a story that gets lost in the national spotlight because of the races of those involved.

So, non DC-GTers, have you heard of Relisha?

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