This isn't a "friend," but an actual guy friend who I love to pieces. He's in his 50s like me and is on the other side of a reasonably amicable divorce. He is a scientist, but is fairly intuitive and listens to self-help books, has a lot of hobbies, etc. But really lacks confidence.

He's finally decided to do some online dating. I forgot to ask him what site he was on, but he had a few questions that I just couldn't answer, so I told him I would crowdsource them to "some people I know online":

If someone has 20+ photos of themselves in her profile, is that a red flag or is that just what some people do, like Facebook?

Some context for this: he is pretty attractive, but didn't want to post any pictures of himself until I & another friend told him that was INSANE. So he realizes that he might be out of step here. TBH, I think anyone who 40 who posts a lot of selfies might be a little insecure or self-involved, but I'm out of step as well.

ALL of the ones I read say that want a guy who is funny. What does that mean? How much funnier than average do I need to be? Like comedian-funny?


Yeah, I don't even know what I mean when I say this. I think I mean someone who can get a joke and doesn't try to mansplain every fucking thing that comes out of my mouth.

What say you? Putting dinner on—I'll be back.