How do I ask for someone to be a "character reference" for me if I haven't been in contact with them for a while? Okay, that is the wrong question. The right question is: how do I make myself ask a person I haven't been in contact with for a while to let me use them as a character reference? I have been looking at my FB for the past ten minutes, trying to will myself to message people. People who I used to be quite close with. And I feel weird about it, mainly because it feels like I am asking for a favor after a long period of complete radio silence (blah blah depression, blah blah cutting off all contact from other human beings a.k.a. I hate people). I suspect I will either give up completely and pout and/or work myself right into yet another panic attack.

Boo. Hiss.

In exchange for answering my non-question question, please enjoy this kitten livestream: