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Question on A Writer's Control Over Her/His GT Post

I'm about to write and post my very first GT blog entry. I have a question to which I could not find the answer in the FAQ: is it against the rules for me to ask a group of commenters not to read or comment on my post? Is it also against the rules to ask others who might not be familiar with the reasons why I want this group out of my posts to peruse the post that brought about this request to see if they are in league with the people I don't want commenting and to refrain from commenting themselves?

My entry will be about Kanye West and unpacking a number of racial and black feminist issues. I will be addressing issues of privilege, silencing of despised groups, and gaslighting. The reason why I don't want those people in my comments is because they've made it plain elsewhere that gaslighting, silencing despised groups, and denying privilege is what they are about. I want my comments to focus on what I've written and not that.

Do I have a right to make this request? I've never written a post before, I haven't been here long, and would appreciate if it GT OG's can help me out on the rules issue.

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