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Welcome To The Bitchery

Good morning Hivemind! I'm putting this out there because I had a couple of friends give birth recently who had ante-natal depression and really, really struggled with it. I'm now getting a lot of text messages and phone calls expression frustration and anger at their partners and other kids. Should I be concerned? I'm just trying to be a patient, caring voice at this time and trying to not overreact because I've worked with some mothers who are really emotional and tired after giving birth, because hello, birth!! But given their diagnosis before they gave birth, i'm just trying to suss out if I should be more concerned now.... i really, really hope i'm being overly concerned about this (is that weird?) and that this is just normal transition stuff and that perhaps a couple of well-timed visit by Auntie GrayCat to let the mom get some sleep.... well who am i kidding, i just want to play with the kids :) can help some.

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