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I'm sure this has been asked before here, but I've been gone for a long while due to school and applying to my super competitive program at one of the best teaching/cancer research hospitals in the country (which I GOT INTO! YAY!). I'm kind of way too lazy to go looking, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Ok, so normally when I go out to eat I tip a minimum of 20-25%, unless it's a super tiny bill. If it's under $20, I'll just tip the same amount as the total, ($8 bill, so $8 tip, etc, so I guess 100%). When my BF pays, he's fairly cheap, but I've gotten him to at least do a minimum 20-25% tip. So I figure I'm OK on that front.


I am confused as all get out on what to tip the woman who waxes my lady business. I feel really bad because I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to tip or if I'm "over tipping" or under tipping. I bought a bunch of appointments at once to save some money, so when I go all I have to pay is tip. They have this little gratuity card that tells you the amount of tip for each procedure (like, how much a 5% tip would be on a $9 brow wax, all in tip increments). But the gratuity card only goes up to 20%.

I know that for the most part estheticians make more than a server, so the tip really is more like a thank you/good job/I appreciate your time thing rather than a wage. So I don't feel bad only tipping 15% when I get my eyebrows threaded (or less if it's done badly). But the vulva and that whole area is a totally different beast. So far I tip a little bit more than 25% (I tip $11 on a $42 fee) but I feel like that might be under tipping? The gratuity card doesn't even go above 20% though, so then I feel as though I'm "over tipping" and it should be fine. And then I feel like it's all kind of a trick so that you're like "Oh wow, everyone else might only tip them 5% to wax their junk and that's terrible! I should tip nicely, to brighten their day!". I've gone twice so far and my esthetictian is really nice and even told me her sschedule would be changing because she just got pregnant and she didn't want to lose me (since I'm usually a middle of the week at night person and she's going to be doing mornings and weekends). So I was like "Oh, OK. She probably isn't offended by my tips.", but then I was like "Wait, maybe she's just being polite?!"


I obviously really need some advice, so lay it on me. Tell me if I'm stiffing my waxer or if I'm in the clear, because this is ruining me. (And everyone I know shaves their business, so I can't ask them what they tip.)

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