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Question: Overconfident shitheads at work, plus a mini tools hair clip

Dear Groupthink,

I have a young, male co-worker just out of his master's program who is infuriatingly overconfident. He argues with me about a lot of things that are totally ridiculous to argue about because I am right and have been doing this for years. It's not even a question. The protocol RIGHT THERE confirms what I'm saying. These are little, technical things, even.


How do you deal with overconfident people? I have a hard time staying patient with him. He's already called me bossy and aggressive, and called me an American stereotype a few months back, which did not go over well. I generally like him and get along well with him, except for this issue. Maybe this is a cultural issue.


An American Stereotype

Editing to add this:

A hairclip that functions as a mini-tool. I'm down, except for the saw edge... That seems ill-advised.

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