Since Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump, if Trump gets the nomination does that mean we might have Sarah Palin Vice-President Running Mate: the Sequel? Or is that something that would never happen?

I’ve always found American politics confusing, so is a second VP race for Sarah Palin possible, or is there some kind of rule (or political strategy) against it? Like I said, I find the American political system really really confusing,especially this part of the process where various candidates are elected as their party representative. It’s a 1 1/2 year process! Here in Canada, the Party locks itself up for a few days, everyone votes until there’s a clear winner, and there’s the leader.

I’m not sure if Trump getting the nomination is a good thing (he’s so nutty that people will make sure to vote Democrate) or a bad thing (Zomg, there’s a chance that he’ll be president). But having him and Sarah Palin on the same ticket would just be SO AMAZING in terms of cray cray comedic value. I’m envision the SNL skits now.

If anyone of you want to move up here, since we have a Prime Minister that isn’t a xenophobic control freak and free healthcare - I have a futon that’s yours :-).