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Question to recent college grads, teachers or students

My mother was talking to this man in the grocery store. She said he was about 70. He said he taught college and said he loved how everything has changed. . He said all his business courses are online, email is form of communication with students and he never has to enter a classroom. I asked my mother I assume its an online college, nope a state college.

How common is this? Anyone teach online? College students here have online and regular?

How do you like it? Is it more common in business courses? Or a coincidence due to who my mother was talking to.


Are we entering a Jetson’s world where school children learn at public schools remotely?

I think its probably great for nontrad students who work and have families of their own. I just see this slipping into just all college degrees online which will save on overhead and teachers essentially being contractors or just instructors. It probably could easily be done.

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