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Question: why judge how others cope?

I’ve been seeing a lot of Twitter backlash condemning people (fair — younger white people primarily) for seeing parallels to Trump’s rise in popular fiction like Harry Potter.

I understand the argument that this trivializes things, I just disagree with it. No, many younger white people have never faced true oppression or fascism before and have to use a fictional example as a point of reference. But given that it helps them make some kind of connection, and likely provides some coping mechanism, why are we getting so fucking mad about it?


Part of my frustration is that I think this attitude dismisses the very real impact that art can have on the world, but on a more practical level, people are scared and are clinging to anything they can to make sense of things and to figure out what to do next.

Please explain the larger point I’m missing, but otherwise... Let people grieve even if their grieving is stupid to you.

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