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Question Wonder Woman and Etta Candy

I could not reply to this excellent article. Stupid Nook is old and collapsed on the io9 page. No clue why. Anyways wouldn’t Etta Candy be still alive? This Etta is obviously a homage to the original Etta except original Etta was a college student but looks similar.

In the DC comics at least a few years ago WW2 Etta was living on Wonder Woman’s Island as a guest of the Amazons. So wouldn’t the same hold true for this Etta? She could have been living for decades on the Island staying young and visiting with Wonder Woman when needed.


So if I was making the next movie Etta would be alive and well. Maybe visiting her great granddaughter named Etta Candy or just having Etta come to help. . I assume in the comics each Etta is the daughter of the previous Etta.

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