Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This book, created by designer Yang Liu illustrates many gender cliches through simple pictograms. The simplicity, bright colours and minimal use of text make the messages these sexist cliches portray even more jarring.

Some of these images are obvious, might even be funny if people fully realised that they are cliches. They are stereotypes that too many people actually believe in. An almost identical pictogram of a man and woman caring for the household (and child) is a 'modern man' or a 'housewife'. Or the differences between what a man packs compare to a woman. Other images pack a bigger meaning in the same simple style.


This is a book I really wouldn't mind having. It focuses heavily on the true and false stereotypes we have of gender.

What do you think? I'm very curious about the rest of the images.

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