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Questions about Ed.D.s and switching antidepressants

I feel kind of shitty talking about my own problems/opportunities on a day when people are getting gunned down and Twitter yet again reminds us that many Americans can't bother to stop hating on minorities long enough to distinguish between them. However, I have a few questions on topics I have a feeling that GT is a wealth of information on: higher education and appropriate medication for mental disorders.

So, Ed.D.s: anyone have one? Anyone considering one? I recently finished my Masters and really want to pursue a career involving Writing Center/Learning Center support for college-age students—especially the TRiO set. A friend just pointed me toward Ed.D. programs, which I previously knew little about. Through the research I did yesterday it looks kind of idea—career focused, shorter than a Ph.D., meant for those who want to work full time as well as pursue a degree, and there are a number in my area. However, I would love to hear from anyone who has personal experience with one. My main concerns are: Was it actually manageable with a full-time job? How hard was it to get in? Why did you choose it over a Ph.D.? Are you happy with that decision?

My second question is about switching antidepressants. I've been medicated for the better part of the last twelve years. I am actually not sure what "flavor" of depression I have, as I have really only ever met with a GP and they've never really officially diagnosed me, but I can say it comes with varying levels of lost motivation, feelings of overwhelm, feelings of worthlessness, etc. I went through Lexipro and Paxil, which definitely helped but I had pretty bad "sexual side effects," and I have been pretty happy on Welbutrin. However, after getting a round of blood tests done, I'm being called back in to my Dr.s office because my Liver test showed elevated Enzyme levels. I suspect it might be because of the Welbutrin, as I know I have heard it can be harsh on the liver. Although I have been happy on the Welbutrin, I definitely don't want to stay on it if it's messing up my liver (nor do I think she would let me if that's the case). However, I am worried about what to switch to. I know it's a difficult thing to crowd source, as effects vary from person to person, but I was hoping to be able to walk into the office on Friday with an idea of what I might like to try instead of the Welbutrin. I think I would like to move forward, instead of back to either of the ones I have tried. Welbutrin seems to have worked particularly well for me both because of the lack of sexual side effects and the fact that in addition to calming the feelings of doubt and malaise it also helps me focus—which can really help to pull me out of the hole and feel like I've accomplished something. I will also say, over the last two years I've either developed, or become more aware of some anxiety. I know Welbutrin and Anxiety are not exactly bff, and so perhaps a new approach would be best anyway—however I'm nervous about going on something that wont help with the focus issues. Any ideas? I can give additional info if it's needed. I'm just realizing as I'm writing this how few specifics I actually know. I feel like it's always been treated by doctors as sort of a minor issue that can be addressed without much inquiry. Maybe I should be seeing a specialist?


Anyway tl:dr—Do you have an Ed.D.? Should I get one? And what meds should I switch to that will be nicer to my liver? Bonus: Should I actually see someone who can more accurately diagnose my depression/anxiety/ADD? or is it always just a long game of trial and error?

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