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Questions about kitten and current worm situation

Hey all, I just had some questions regarding this little debacle from last night and I was hoping you all could help. My vet isn't in today so I can't call him, and I don't want to tie up the emergency line with relatively inane questions.

So Sebastian (kitten) is seemingly fine. He's sleeping at the moment but he hasn't thrown up again (as far as I know) and he's been eating and was playful and stuff this morning. I called the emergency vet line last night and they said it's fine to wait until Monday to bring him to the vet as long as the vomiting stopped and he's fine otherwise, so that's what I'm doing.


Now for the questions.

I am under the impression that I should empty the litter boxes and bleach them as well as wash my sheets as he sleeps on them. Should I do one or both of these things now or will it be pointless as he hasn't gotten dewormed yet? So in that sense, should I just wait until after he (and Siren - other cat - because I'm taking her to get dewormed as well just in case) see the vet? Or should I do it now and then do it again after the deworming?

Also, before the Great Worm Incident of 2014, my vet asked me to collect a stool sample from Sebastian and bring it in tomorrow as he is scheduled to get fixed on Saturday. Should I NOT handle the poop given the current situation? Or as long as I wear gloves is it cool if I grab some poop and put it in the little tube?

I also can't keep the cats separate. Like I literally do not have enough space in the apartment unless I lock one in the bathroom. Hence why I'm bringing both of them in for a deworming. Siren seems completely fine as of now as she hasn't thrown up once (hell, the last time I even remember her puking was like a year ago). So, whatever. She's just gonna have to see the vet too. Sorry Siren.


I think that's it for now. Any other advice will be greatly appreciated.

Also, on the unfortunate off chance that I start puking up worms, would that be cause to go to the ER? I imagine that will not happen but given my luck as of late I really wouldn't be surprised.

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