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Questions about Wonder Woman Loved It








1. Ugh horrible movie theater. Smelled of mildew and was old. The seat cushions seemed newish and the screen and sound were fine. The back cushion was an inch thick leather that was there I assume before talkies.


2. Doctor Poison was originally called Princess Maru as well as Dr Poison. She was Japanese not German. Not sure why they went this route. Kinda reminded me of Dr Strange casting of the Master.

3. I was totally confused how Diana and the Amazons knew modern English. Yes she spoke 110 languages but it seem the Amazons would have had some contact with English speaking folk post Shakespeare.


4. I loved Gal Godot going from a total innocent to the end when reality struck her and how her childhood beliefs are far more complex..It was not shown “oh” and a shrug. Instead it defined her and how she had to define her world views based on it.

5. Wonder Woman beat a God a literal God but Superman died? Doomsday was stronger then the God Ares?


6. Where was she during World War 2? Did she just go into retirememt?

7. I kind of wish one of the men she was with was a Wayne or Clark. I kind of wished this was about WW2 instead of one because it left instead a huge question “why didn’t she try to stop or cut short WW2?”.


8. . As a child I only watched one or two episodes of the original Lynda Carter series? How does it compare? Anyone else going out to buy the Carter dvds?

Gal Godot deserves an Oscar nod and if any Superhero movies deserves a Best Picture award it was this.


Only flaw Steve Trevor on his motorcycle so reminded me of Captain Kirk on his motorcycle in last Star Trek movie. Same actor too.

Did anyone else see this as a religious movie in the sense that believing in absolutes and seeing world based on ones faith makes one blind to the fact the world and life is complex. Then when reality hits it makes it that much harder to deal with.

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The picture is the first glimpse of.Dr Poison durimg WW2.

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