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Questions for all of you Bloggers out there

I am starting a blog. No waffling this time, I'm doing it for realsies. I want to improve my writing and share my thoughts on the topic that I am passionate about- hiking and backpacking with a focus on exploring/photographing the National Parks. Plus I know it will give me a leg up in my job hunt if I have a body of work to show prospective employers.

So, for those of you who blog, do you think it's better to pay for your own website or use a free platform such as blogger?

How do you copyright your photos/protect your content in the minefield that is the internet?


How did you get started? Starting seems so daunting. I have a lot of things I want to write about, but I don't know how to settle myself down, set up the blog and then get everything out there. It's obvious in theory, but in practice I feel a bit overwhelmed.

So right now I'm trying to come up with a punchy name.

Thanks guys!

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