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This last year I realized that the effects of my allergy immunization shots a decade ago slowly died on me.

Ex: I had cat allergy immunization shots because they were my worst allergy. Five years after the shots I cuddled with all of the damn cats I wanted to. Ten years later, the ER knows my first name if I so much as rub shoulders with a cat owner.

ANYWAY. After this year of being reacquainted with my shit allergies, I need to ask about epipen use. I've been through two since my last ER visit two months ago, I've used four in the last year. These are times when I'm not 'low blood pressure, swollen face, can't breathe full-on anaphylactic shock.' They're times when I get to 'burning throat, neck and ears. Breathing shallow and throat swollen. Difficult but not impossible to breathe.'


So, experts~ Am I using the epipen too much? Should I be full anaphylactic shock if I have to use one? Does using it so often diminish the effect over time, or does that not matter with adrenaline?

(And before you ask me, yes I have an appointment with an allergist and ENT in two weeks!~)

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