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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Okay, I've become obsessed with The Doctor recently, and I've got a shitload of questions. Most of them are opinion-based, but I do have some factual questions, too.


Here's my own background: I got into the show through Hitchhiker's Guide. I knew that DNA worked on Doctor Who, and I read an interview where he said he created Ford Prefect he intended him as the "anti-Doctor" in that when presented with the imminent doom of the universe he'd rather just get a drink. So I was used to the bad special effects of the original version.

Stupidly, I assumed that Tom Baker originated the character and that Davison et al were just imposters. Obviously, I was wrong. I stopped watching until the new ones, and then only on and off until "Blink." I loved Tennant (WHO DOESN'T?) and I liked Smith but I got lost with all the River Song/Melody Pond stuff. I guess if I were a woman, I'd be in danger of being called a Fake Geek Girl.


Anyway, here are my questions.
1. favorite Doctor?
2. Favorite companion?
3. Favorite bad guy?
4. Favorite serial/episode?
5. Do you think that the old and new shows are completely compatible?
6. Why did people dislike Colin Baker so much?
7. Why was the show cancelled? It sounds like people liked McCoy.

Oh, one more for the hardcore fans...
8. What do you think of McGann? Do you think based on the audio plays that he could have been successful on TV?

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