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Questions Modern literary children of Lilith and show/comic Lucifer spoilers and question








I was doing research on the show Lucifer and Maeze is listed as the daughter of Lilith. I thought “in modern lit someone else is also Lilith’s daughter?” then it hit me Vampirella. I know all succubi and vampires are considered Lilith’s bloodline.


Yet direct children in ancient literature maybe Cain, killer of Abel, and obviously in Jewish folklore tons more. Yet modern literature characters created as being children of Lilith are Vampirella and Maeze. Are there more?

Google the name Lilith. She has a far more interesting story then Eve. I always disliked the story of Adam and Eve, they ate the apple that was from the tree of knowledge and instead of saying “how dare you deny knowledge to us, now you want to banish us from the Garden are you nuts. Let me get this straight you want us ignorant? Did you ever think knowledge could be used to help animals who were injured or sick? Or understand how world works. Mr Snake had more faith in us and you call yourself a God our Father what Father wants their children uneducated and ignorant”. Even as a youngster I hated this story. Instead of standing up they slunk away. Lesson in story is knowledge equals shame. No wonder fundies embrace ignorance.


Also in ancient literature God and his angels threatened to kill 100 children of Lilith a day. I assume it means bloodline which would imply generations. So before the apple was bit wouldn’t it put Adam and Lilith a few hundreds of years old.

In the comics Lucifer is Maeze Lucifer’s daughter. In the laat episode the doctor called Lucifer Samael. According to research Samael and Lilith were a couple and had children. Wouldn’t that imply Maeze is his daughter. In comics which I have not read are they dad and daughter.

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