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Welcome To The Bitchery

I have some questions about the rhetoric we’re using, PLEASE know that I’m trying to be sensitive and a good ally and that’s why I’m asking these questions here, on an anonymous forum, instead of the wider internet. You do not have to engage me. My grief can in no way be as deep as yours, but it is there and it is real.

Why can’t we call it a hate crime *and* an act of terrorism? We fought so hard for the black church shooting to be called an act of terrorism, and now we’re saying this one should be labelled a hate crime, and I’m confused. Can it not be both? Am I misremembering the past?


Is it possible (I really mean this, is it actually possible) for us to acknowledge that both Christian *and* Muslim religious extremism sow hate and homophobia? Can we acknowledge that Islamic radicalism does engage in incredibly violent and hateful acts, and that this is on the ascendancy? Is it possible to do this without feeding national islamophobia? It might not be. It might also be that the shooter was using extremism as a veil for his hate that was going to be there anyways - if that’s the case, should we ignore his self-proclaimed sudden allegiance to ISIS? Should we talk about it at all?

I’ve also seen some LGBTQ+ people railing against using this to advocate for gun control as politicizing it, but, those same facebook friends were the ones who used every other shooting to advocate for gun control. I always thought the progressive stance was “let’s fix this so it doesn’t happen again and we need to capitalize on the emotional momentum from this tragedy so more tragedies don’t keep fucking happening every fucking week.” Did this change?? (Real question, I’m legitimately confused.)

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