So Mr Ivriniel’s brother and sister are both Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs go through a two year program.) . His sister graduated with her RPN about a year ago, and has been looking for a nursing job. She recently interviewed for a job as a Clinical Nurse Educator at a private college. When she told ABiL that she really hoped to get the job he said:

“Well I guess teaching is a start somewhere, if you’re really desperate for any nursing job. Its a shame that you’ll be wasting your talents.”


Personally, I think ABiL is secretly jealous. He would love to be the centre of attention with students hanging on his every word. He used to be a scout leader (Venturers, older scouts who were a special first aid unit). One time I saw him with his scouts, and he was absolutely basking in their attention. It was at his Buck and Doe (a fundraising party some couples hold before their wedding) and he basically ignored the rest of the guests so he could hold court with these teenagers.

Anyways, she got the job, and is extremely happy. She’s lecturing pharamcist assistant students in pharmacology and massage students in anatomy. It’s 9-5, Mon-Fri with no weekends or overtime, and a decent wage.

ETA: Mr Ivriniel just told me that usually they hire RNs rather than RPNs for this job, but his sister was a PSW for many years before getting her RPN, and apparently they felt this job experience was valuable enough to wave the RN requirement, because she will also be lecturing PSW students. So yeah, more reason for a guy who flunked out of a program that upgrades RPNs to RNs to be jealous for sure.