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I was talking to my MiL on the phone tonight. She was over at the Annoying Inlaws place last Monday, and told me something that ASiL told her.

A while ago the Annoying Inlaws were trying to have another child. ASiL bought /acquired (she tries to get things free by as many methods as possible like Freecycle and clothing swaps) a whole lot of stuff in preparation. Then they had a couple of miscarriages, and it seems that they are no longer trying, because ASiL told our MiL that she was getting rid of the stuff, mostly by selling it off via websites.

Apparently just before our MiL stopped by to visit, she had just sold a car seat to someone from a website. She told our MiL this, then paused and giggled to herself before adding that she had found this car seat on the side of the road in someone’s garbage.


She sold someone a freaking car seat she found in someone’s garbage?!? Did she plan on putting her own baby in this thing, or was this something she found on the side of the road more recently, and decided to sell as long as she was getting rid of things?

Either way it seems really ill advised to take safety equipment that someone else decided was only fit for the garbage. For all she knows, it was in the garbage because it had been in a collision.

What boggles my mind is, when she was pregnant with Niece our Other Sister in Law offered them her youngest daughter’s car seat, which they declined because they weren’t sure if it was safe anymore. A car seat with a known history isn’t good enough for their child, but they will sell someone a car seat they don’t know anything about? I guess that answers my earlier question.

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