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Quick Annoying Inlaws Story

So last night Mr I and I went to my FiL’s house. We had dinner and exchanged gifts. We gave my FiL a board game. We thought maybe he could use it to break the ice with my Annoying Brother in Law, who is currently avoiding his Dad but loves board games and is hyper competitive. We thought that he might be willing to meet up with his Dad to play a game, if it meant he had the chance to trounce him.

Anyways, I guess my FiL must have already extended an invite because ABiL texted Mr I this evening with “This year Dad majorly screwed me over, and you bought him a Christmas present?”

Because apparently everything is all about ABiL.

Mr I replied”You know I don’t take sides in family disputes.”

For the record, what ABiL calls being majorily screwed over is when his Dad gave away a table that was being stored in his basement. It originally belonged to my FiL, but apparently when he didn’t need it any more, ABiL asked for it. ABiL didn’t have a place for it though, and stored it in his Dad’s basement for years. Then my FiL forgot he had promised it to ABiL, and gave it to a friend who needed a table.


This caused ABiL to have a major hissy fit, and he moved all his stuff into a storage locker. He says it is all his Dad’s fault he had to rent a storage locker, despite the fact his Dad never asked him to move his stuff.

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