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Quick Bone To Pick [updated]

I keep seeing headlines about NY primary voters being “turned away” at the polls because they were not registered in the party whose primary they wanted to vote in. I’m a little confused as to why people are acting as if a closed primary is a new thing. Thoughts:

  • There are pros and cons to a closed primary. I am of the opinion that it is fair of a political party to require that those choosing its nominee are within the party. This is because where I live, an open primary would mean Republicans choosing the Democratic nominee every time. Where the cons come in is when it is combined with other idiotic voting infrastructure to make sure voters are not prepared.
  • Regardless of the merits of an open vs closed primary, this wasn’t a surprise. This wasn’t getting “turned away at the polls” in the sense they are thinking of. This is not new, not even in NY at this point. I am having a little trouble with Bernie supporters acting like this is Hillary controlling the game. If you were paying attention, you knew.
  • Those who didn’t get the memo are a result of poor voter education and the problem needs to be addressed. I don’t know the deal in NY, but I think the deadline to register to vote should be like, the day before election day. In a closed primary, you have to make all these decisions a lot earlier which is pretty dumb. Guess whose fault it STILL isn’t? Hillary Clinton.
  • This is not a specific method of voter suppression! There are so many - SO MANY - states that do this. It is part of voting in primaries.

End bone to pick. Discuss at will!


ETA: I have somewhat misunderstood the root of the issue which is that NY was supposed to have a permanent registry and some names disappeared from it. I am hearing complaints about the closed primary thing on my FB but I think it was non-NYers confusing the issues.


Which, really, relieves some of my confusion here.

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