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Quick cover letter question for you guys

I'm looking for part-time work to supplement my day job because shit is expensive, yo. So I'm looking at this online tutoring job. I meet all the requirements. In "desired skills" it says "fluent in Spanish." I would say I'm semi-fluent in Spanish. I usually have no problem reading it, but tend to forget my vocabulary and get tripped up by overly fast speech in conversation. I think that's partly nervousness as I seem to do better when I'm drunk! But what do I say to this? I really want the job, I'm qualified, but I don't want to sell myself as 100% fluent and then have to talk to someone on the phone in Spanish because I will look like an idiot. So how do I word "semi-fluent in spoken Spanish" without sounding like I'm hedging or making excuses for not quite being good enough?

ETA: Thanks guys! All of your advice was really helpful!


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