Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My husband is a physics teacher. Every year they take the students to the local amusement park, which I love, on an end of year trip. Usually I go because I love it and my husband likes his students to meet me, etc.

This year I'm pregnant, so I couldn't go on any rides. I was planning on going anyways, even though it sounds kind of exhausting, but now I'm having second thoughts. I don't feel 100% and have been kind of having little inexplicable crying jags. My husband says he'd love me to come, but understands why I wouldn't want to, and that maybe my body's trying to tell me something. Also, tickets are $40, which seems like a lot if you're not even riding any kickass roller coasters (nothing against the carousel).


Question: WHAT DO I DO?

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